Wednesday, June 3, 2009

final thought

This class is very fun. I really enjoy myself in here. Most of the time I don’t want this class to be over. I feel like this class is too short. However, I really enjoy fixing pictures using Photoshop. But the thing that I like the most is the button assignment. I think it’s very easy to do and you also have fun at the same time. The worst experience I have in this class is the CD Cover assignment. It so hard that I used so many days of class time to work on it but at last I haven’t done anything at all. Even now I’m still struggle how to make the CD Cover. Moreover, because this is the first time that I get to use all these photo programs so maybe that’s why I struggle a lot. But that’s okay. I’m learning, right? And at least I have learned something about photos and how to fix them during my time in here. Thank you for all of your help, Mr. Larson. Hope to see you again next time I have this class again.

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