Sunday, April 26, 2009

Andy Warhol questions

1. Andy Warhol was born in Pennsylvania, 1928. In 1945 he entered the Carnegie Institute of Technology and majored in pictorial design. In his first job he worked as an illustrator for several magazines. Thoughout the 1950 he worked as a commercial
artist, and won several commendations from the Art Director's Club and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He then began to publishing interview magazine and renewed his focus on painting in 1970s after the attack in 1968 which he was shot by Valerie Solanis near death. He died on died February 22, 1987. During his life time he did a lot of photography.

2. Elizabeth Taylor, Mao Zedong,Brigitte Bardot,John Lennon, Micheal Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Diana Ross are some of the famous people that Warhol has photographed.


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